5 Cleaning tips for hot weather

How to clean the house while staying cool.

With June set to be the hottest on record and the rest of the summer looking to follow suit, this weather can make cleaning tasks more challenging.

The Merry Maids team wanted to share some valuable cleaning tips to help you with chores while staying comfortable in the hot weather.

Plan Your Cleaning Schedule

Plan your cleaning tasks to avoid strenuous activity during peak heat.

Schedule your cleaning sessions in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures are cooler to make the process more bearable and prevent excessive exhaustion.

Open Windows for Natural Ventilation

Take advantage of cooler mornings and evenings by opening windows to let in the fresh air and create natural cross ventilation.

However, avoid opening your windows during the hottest part of the day to prevent hot air from entering.

Efficient airflow can help eliminate stuffiness and any odours lingering in your home.

Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks

Cleaning in the hot weather can be physically demanding.

So, it’s vital to stay hydrated. Keep a glass or bottle of water nearby and take regular breaks to cool down.

Use Lightweight Cleaning Tools

Use lightweight and ergonomic cleaning tools that won’t add any unnecessary strain. Use highly absorbent microfibre cloths to clean surfaces with less effort.

Use lightweight mops and vacuum cleaners.

These are easier to manoeuvre, allowing you to clean without feeling overwhelmed by the heat.

Merry Maids Can Clean for You

You may want to get the professionals in to do it instead, and that’s ok, as we know how overwhelming it can be to handle cleaning tasks on your own in warm weather.

Merry Maids UK offers fully bespoke cleaning solutions to fit your summer schedule.

So, you can enjoy your summer without worrying about cleaning, giving you more time to spend at family barbecues and going on your holidays!

Whether you need assistance with a one-off deep clean or regular cleaning, you can rely on your nearest Merry Maids business.

Call 0800 021 3072 to learn more, or book online in select locations today.