Kitchen Organisation

5 Kitchen Organisation Tips

How to organise your kitchen in five easy steps. 

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in any home, and unfortunately, that also means it can be one of the messiest.

The key to keeping your kitchen clean is organisation.

Read on for five kitchen organisation ideas to help you keep even the tiniest kitchens clean.

1. Utilise all kitchen space

This is the cardinal rule of kitchen organisation and the answer for anyone wondering how to keep a kitchen organised.

Much surface area goes wasted in the kitchen, resulting in cluttered cabinets and drawers.

Here are some organisation ideas to help you take back that space:

  • Free drawer and cabinet space with a rack that suspends pots and pans from the ceiling or walls
  • Install shelving above the stove or near prep counters
  • Place stackable shelves under the kitchen sink so you can double your storage space
  • Use magnetic hooks to keep potholders and kitchen towels on the dishwasher or fridge
  • Open up drawer and cabinet space by installing a pegboard to hold pots, colanders and kitchen utensils
  • Invest in a magnetic strip to hang knives over prep areas

2. Use dividers to organise kitchen drawers

Using dividers in your drawers can work wonders for kitchen organisation.

  • Boxes of foil
  • Plastic wrap
  • Sandwich bags etc

You can also use dividers to compartmentalize kitchen utensils like spatulas, whisks and serving spoons. Filing racks are another great means of freeing up space, you can easily use them to separate different-sized baking sheets or cutting boards.

3. Use containers for decluttering purposes

Use containers and bins to declutter your kitchen counter.

Fruit bowls are a given, but you can also use decorative containers to keep counter space clear, like a colourful coffee canister or a unique jar to hold wooden spoons or spatulas. Place items like napkins or teabags in rustic-looking baskets. If your post tends to get dumped on the counter, hang a small wall-mounted organiser nearby.

You can also use bins to group items in your cabinets and fridge, or to keep cleaning products contained under the sink.

4. Keep everything within reach

Naturally, many kitchen messes occur while meals are being prepared, therefore, decreasing spills and clutter, and upping your kitchen organisation game by storing items can help with this. For example, keep the blender in the cabinet nearest the electrical outlet where you’ll plug it in, and hang pots and pans near the stove if possible, you might want to try keeping plastic containers for leftovers in the drawer under the cabinet, as well.

The object is to decrease the amount of space food and ingredients have to travel, doing so cuts down on the opportunity to spill and in addition, saves you time.

5. Get lazy with a Lazy Susan

These magic discs can take your kitchen organisation to a new level with their ability to maximize the usable surface area in the smallest of nooks, and they also make awkward spaces functional. You can get a Lazy Susan in a variety of sizes, use smaller models to hold your spices or baking necessities, and larger ones for organising the cabinets where you store mixing bowls and measuring cups.

Adding kitchen organisation to your to-do list is well worth the time, an orderly kitchen tends to be cleaner, and you’ll find that having everything in a sensible place makes your meal prep more efficient, too.

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