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How to: Organise your kitchen

A helpful guide to de-cluttering your kitchen. Have you ever found yourself jumping back to avoid a rogue jar, container or bag of flour when you open your kitchen cupboards? Or have you ever wondered how much time you’ve wasted searching for measuring cups or food storage lids? If so, you’re probably in need of some […]

Cleaning your student accommodation

How to guarantee you get your end-of-tenancy deposit back. Keeping your student accommodation clean and tidy is vital, especially at the end of your tenancy. Not only is maintaining a clean living space better for your overall health and wellbeing, but it also means you’ll be able to get your deposit back from your letting […]

The best way to clean your bath – International Bath Day

How to ensure that your tub stays spotless. Believe it or not, there is actually an International Bath Day, and it’s today! To properly commemorate the day, we’re giving you our top tips on cleaning your tub. Naturally, if you’re getting into a bath, the goal is to come out clean. Unfortunately, a bathtub is […]

How to clean urine out of a mattress

A quick and easy method to remove urine from your mattress. Mattresses are important… and expensive! This makes it all the worse when you wake up from sharing your bed with your pet or child to find… they’ve wet your bed. Panic sets in. You understand that accidents happen. But equally, you don’t want it […]

How to get rid of wine stains

Our foolproof method for removing wine stains from just about anything. It’s a tale as old as time: a glass of red wine meets a white shirt or a patch of carpet, and they don’t get along well. Whether you were gesturing absent-mindedly or got a little too carried away while talking, it’s an easy […]

How to clean your electronics

Tips on cleaning those all-important electronic items in your home. Let’s face it, your electronics get a lot of use. Not only that, but they are very sensitive to the spread of germs and bacteria due to being ‘high touch point’ items. Even though COVID-19 restrictions and sanitisation requirements have relaxed in recent months, to […]

Home organisation solutions: Unique Amazon finds

Unique de-cluttering solutions that you can have delivered to your front door. Whichever way you slice it – clutter is not great for you. It’s unsightly, irritating, and has been proven to make it harder to focus. Not only that, but clutter can also have real and detrimental effects on your health, as proven by […]

10 items you can machine wash

Here is our list of 10 household items you might not know you were machine washable. Let’s face it, if you had to hand wash every single thing you knew needed a good clean, there’d never be enough time for anything else! Fortunately, there are a variety of items, besides clothes that you can throw […]

How to remove dog urine from carpet and hardwood

With the weather getting warmer and the days growing longer, it’s becoming possible to take your furry companion out for a long walk in the sunshine. Or to let them out into the garden without the worry of them trekking muddy pawprints back into the house. But as any dog owner is aware, just because […]

Earth Day | Eco friendly washing tips

Today is Earth Day, so we thought we put together a few useful and eco-friendly washing tips for you to implement in your home. 1. Wash at 30° Of course, you always need to check the care labels before loading up the washing machine. But, high temperatures aren’t always necessary and can waste a lot […]

How to get chocolate stains out of your clothing and more

It’s the Easter weekend, which means lots of chocolate! However, chocolate has the tendency to melt all over your hands, and you don’t usually realise it’s melted until it’s on your clothes, upholstery and carpets! Chocolate soaks into the fabric a bit more slowly than other liquids, so clean it up as quickly as possible […]

Merry Maids Spring Cleaning Checklist

Here’s our very useful spring cleaning checklist for you! The days are getting longer, the weather is warming, the flowers are slowly blooming – there’s no question, spring is finally here! For many, this is the cue to break out the cleaning supplies and give the house a proper de-cluttering and spring cleaning. Unsure of […]

Top tips for organising your garage

When was the last time you looked at organising your garage? Often, we use our garages for storing more than cars. Whether you use it to store the lawnmower, Christmas decorations, or tools, your garage can become a black hole for bits and bobs. And it’s rarely organised chaos. Studies have found that the UK […]

5 Recycling Tips for a Successful Global Recycling Day

Join us in celebrating global recycling day today with these useful recycling tips. Today is Global Recycling Day, an initiative designed to recognise the importance of recycling and the benefits it has for our planet. Now in its fourth year, Global Recycling Day was created in 2018 and aims to raise awareness of the necessity […]

The Women of Merry Maids UK

Celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month 2022. It was International Women’s Day this week, which centres the discussion of women’s issues as part of Women’s History Month. The theme of Women’s History Month changes annually. Though the goal is always to provide education on how women helped shape the nation, and the world […]

Running a business… literally!

Join us in supporting Merry Maids Bromley owner Richard Wall in running the Cambridge Half-Marathon in aid of Dementia Friends this March. In the spirit of hitting the ground running, new Merry Maids business owner Richard Wall will be participating in a 13-mile run for charity on 6th March. This comes following Richard’s recent participation […]

Testing 5 Popular Homemade Cleaning Hacks

Popular cleaning myths, busted In recent months, there has been a lot of talk online about so-called cleaning ‘hacks. Earlier this year, consumer experts Which? asked the British public to submit their favourites. Here are the results: Using dishwasher tablets instead of washing machine cleaner A popular tactic is to use dishwasher tablets in your […]

Loving your home

Show your home some love this Valentine’s Day by booking a professional clean from Merry Maids. Is your home feeling a little unloved? With many of us returning to work, be it at home or in person, it can be easy to neglect your cleaning in the rush of the regular 9 to 5. Before […]

Introducing Merry Maids Spot Hero

Do you want a professional stain cleaning product? Try Merry Maids Spot Hero today! From our ServiceMaster family of brands, introducing Merry Maids Spot Hero cleaner. The cleaner is tried and trusted by each and every one of our maids across the UK. And now available to you! Safe to use on all water washable carpets, […]

How to eliminate window condensation

Have you found yourself waking up to windows covered in condensation? Here’s an easy way to get rid of this pesky winter window pest. Condensation can be a nightmare at this time of year. For home renters and buyers alike, water collecting on your windows can be a real hindrance to your property. The build-up […]