Merry Maids Bromley and Orpington raises £2,000 for local charity through 24-hour sponsored walk

Richard Wall, owner of Merry Maids Bromley and Orpington has completed a 24-hour walk for local charity Tree of Hope in aid of Help For Grace.

How do 24 hours on a treadmill sound?

Gruelling and difficult? But worth it.

Richard Wall, the owner of Merry Maids Bromley and Orpington can attest to the above.

He has undertaken a 24-hour walk to fundraise for Hope for Grace and Tree of Hope.

This blog post has all the details.

Grace’s Story

Hope for Grace is a charity local to Bromley and Orpington set up by a family seeking to support their daughter Grace, who is living with a rare and difficult health condition.

When Grace was just 5½ months old, she had he first full tonic-clonic seizure in her cot at home.

Within a matter of weeks, Grace had a further six seizures of unusual lengths.

All with no discernible cause, even after numerous blood tests, a CT scan, and a lumbar puncture procedure.

Further in-depth testing revealed that Grace had a mutation of the gene RHOBTB2 (c.1448G>A).

This gene has recently been linked to epilepsy, and Grace is only one of approx. 38 people diagnosed worldwide may be only the third in the UK.

There is not much current medical literature on the gene, but it could mean Grace may never walk or talk and have limited comprehension.

Fundraising for Hope for Grace and Tree of Hope

Grace’s family started Hope for Grace to try and give her every opportunity to thrive by fundraising to provide specialist and intensive physiotherapy to reach milestones like sitting, weight bearing on her legs, standing, and walking.

They also aim to provide her with special equipment and aids to enhance her home environment and any necessary adaptations to their house as Grace grows older.

Tree of Hope was founded in 1992, to help children like Grace who need funded healthcare support and don’t always receive it from the NHS.

Facilitated by the team at his local PureGym, Richard has raised over £2000 for Grace and Tree of Hope by walking on a treadmill for 24 hours in one stint – the equivalent of around 85 miles.

Richard’s fundraising will partly help the Tree of Hope cover their core operating costs.

And, they will also help Grace and her family with physiotherapy and equipment to help Grace live her life with the best possible support.

Upon completing the walk, Richard said:

“It’s been a long old shift. But I’d like to thank PureGym [London Orpington] and Merry Maids UK for all their support.”

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