Merry Maids of Croydon Food Drive 2023

Merry Maids of Croydon’s 2023 Food Drive to support the local community.

It’s not long until Christmas.

This means we’re entering what the team at Merry Maids of Croydon likes to call the season of giving back.

And they need their customer’s help.

2022 Food Drive

Last year, business owner Debbie Walker and her team ran a food bank drive with the Reedham Children’s Trust to support families with the cost-of-living crisis.

Families like Maya and her four young children relocated to Croydon after fleeing domestic violence.

Housed in emergency housing, they had only the clothes on their backs. Suddenly reliant on benefits, they struggled to pay for necessities like food.

With their customer’s support, they supplied enough donations to support over 100 families like Maya’s over Christmas.

2023 Food Drive

There are still roughly 27,483 children living in poverty in Croydon.

Disadvantaged by issues like domestic violence, poor mental health, special educational needs, and placement in care, up to 73% need free school meals as a primary source of sustenance.

This year, the team wants to do more.

They want to help our families at home and those further afield to have a happier Christmas.

They are running another drive and are asking their customers for support with small donations to make a huge difference for families going without essentials this Christmas.

Like this Mum of three who benefitted from a hamper provided by Merry Maids last year:

“With the cost of the living crisis, I was feeling depressed and turned to a friend for help in finding a charity that could support us. But to my amazement, we received a food hamper and vouchers, an incredible show of support I couldn’t believe. I am beyond grateful for this support, which has helped my children and me.”

From the 15th-30th of November, the team are collecting items for vulnerable families selected from six local schools and families in emergency accommodation across the UK.

Items to Donate

The Reedham Trust has relayed a list of needed items.

It currently includes:

  • Tinned Vegetables
  • Pasta Sauce/Pasta
  • Tinned Meals
  • UHT Milk
  • Rice/ Cereal
  • Toilet paper
  • Soap Bar
  • Shower Gel
  • Christmas treats
  • Items made with a kettle (not an oven). E.g. cuppa soup

A word from the team

Business owner Debbie Walker said:

“There can be no doubt that we are living in difficult and uncertain times. But we don’t have to face them alone. By working together, we can make a real difference and improve the lives of the people in our communities.

That’s why Merry Maids of Croydon are delighted to be partnering with Reedham Children’s Trust to support people in and around Croydon through a food bank drive.”

Jessica Ritchie, a representative of the Reedham Children’s Trust, says,

“We are delighted that Merry Maids of Croydon and their incredibly kind client base will, once again, be supporting our annual food appeal. Last year, customers donated 1,274 items of non-perishable food items, alongside essential toiletries. This supported hundreds of local families not only over Christmas but across the winter months, too. We are so grateful for their continued support this year.”

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