Merry Maids UK kicks off Forget Me Knot 2024 in support of Alzheimer’s Society

Merry Maids UK has begun our second annual Forget Me Knot Challenge to support Alzheimer’s Society. 

This year, we’ve partnered with the Alzheimer’s Society to help them provide help and hope to the 900,000+ people living with dementia in the UK.

Alzheimer’s is commonly misunderstood to be part of getting older.

However, it is a deadly neurological disease that is currently the UK’s biggest killer, estimated to affect 1 in 2 people in the UK in our lifetimes.

Throughout 2024, at Merry Maids UK, we’re working closely with our friends at the Alzheimer’s Society to raise £10,000 as part of our commitment to supporting them in their cause.

We are also working with them to train our business owners and their cleaners across the UK to deliver dementia-conscious cleaning services to people with Alzheimer’s and dementia – making us the only specially-trained dementia-friendly cleaners in the UK!

As part of our fundraising commitment, our businesses nationwide are again undertaking our Forget Me Knot Challenge.

But what is the Forget Me Knot Challenge? And how can you get involved?

This blog post has all the details.

What is the Forget Me Knot Challenge?

The Alzheimer’s Society is represented by the forget-me-not flower long- associated with Alzheimer’s and dementia due to its effects on memory loss.

The Forget Me Knot Challenge is our is a sponsored virtual relay in which staff and owners from Merry Maids businesses across the UK run, walk, or cycle the equivalent total mileage between each Merry Maids UK business, tying them together and raising funds for Alzheimer’s Society: creating the Forget Me Knot.

The Challenge: Forget Me Knot 2024

Last year, our cleaners, business owners, customers and head-office staff raised £4000 for the society.

More than double their initial £1000 donations and 2345 mileage targets!

This translated to walking 4796.14 miles – the distance between London and Dallas, Texas!

The challenge this year is to do it bigger and better!

Our goal is to walk 20,000 miles, with each Merry Maids business in the UK walking at least 465 each!

We’ll be holding the challenge over the next few months, during the blooming period of the Forget Me Not flower.

This will incorporate local events like Alzheimer’s Society Memory Walks.

We hope to see some of you there!

How to support us

If you want to support us, please visit our Just Giving page to donate online.

Or, if you’re one of our customers, please feel free to speak to our staff about donating.

Thank you for all your support!

To stay up to date with how we’re doing, stay tuned to our blog and social media channels over the summer.

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