Merry Maids Spring-Cleaning Checklist for a clean and tidy home

Merry Maids UK’s spring-cleaning checklist to help you get clean and organised!

For many, springtime is the cue to break out the cleaning supplies and give the house a proper de-cluttering and spring cleaning.

Unsure of where to start?

With the whole house needing attention, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of things to do.

Luckily, the home cleaning experts from Merry Maids UK are here to help.

In our experience, the best way to spring clean is to take it room by room and have a hit list for each.

So, we’ve compiled a list of jobs for the main areas in your home and some top tips for each.

1.    Hallways and stairs

  • Dust light fixtures
  • Sweep and vacuum floors and stairs
  • Mop hardwood floors

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  • Give walls, bannisters and skirting boards a wipe down
  • Clean doors
  • Clean doormats. We recommend having two doormats, one inside and one outside, for maximum cleanliness.
  • Organise shoes and coats and make sure they’re not an obstacle or trip hazard

2.    Living room

  • Wash cushions and throws
  • Dust and polish mantles and furniture
  • Dust curtains/blinds and lampshades
  • Vacuum sofas. Spot clean when necessary.

Have a stubborn stain on furniture or upholstery that you can’t seem to shake?

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  • Clean spills and wash windows
  • Sanitise remote controls
  • Vacuum rugs and carpets
  • Dust TV and other appliances. Here are our top tips for cleaning the screen of your telly without leaving streaks.
  • Untangle, sort and label any wires and plugs from the electronics
  • Sort through any DVDs and CDs etc., organising them in a proper place or selling/donating ones you don’t want
  • Wash walls
  • Clean light switches
  • You may want to also get into the habit of washing and sanitising doorknobs.

3.    Kitchen

  • Empty cabinets and drawers and give cutlery a clean if necessary. Then, clean them inside and out and sort everything back neatly.
  • Dispose of out-of-date food and drink items and donate anything unwanted. Provided food and drink items are in date and look okay, you can use this handy tool from the Trussell Trust to find your nearest foodbank.
  • While you have them out of the drawers, sharpen your knives.
  • Clean and organise your fridge. Not sure how to go about it? Check out our top tips.
  • Clean and organise freezer, pantry or larder cupboards
  • Clean the oven. For an easy way to clean a grimy oven door, and other handy tips, check out this blog post on our best at-home DIY cleaning hacks.
  • Clean microwave
  • Clear crumbs from the toaster
  • Clean and descale the kettle
  • Clean the dishwasher
  • Defrost your freezer if need be
  • Dust high surfaces like the top of the fridge and cabinets
  • Wipe walls and baseboards
  • Wipe countertops and appliances
  • Vacuum and mop the floor
  • Shake out doormats if you have them
  • Reseal grout lines if needed
  • Disinfect high touch points areas like light switches and door handles
  • Disinfect sinks and drains
  • Clean and shine taps
  • Clean dishcloths and sponges

4.    Dining room

  • Dust and polish furniture
  • Wash curtains or dust blinds
  • Sanitise tables and chairs – polish where needed
  • Vacuum, sweep or wash floors and
  • Vacuum and spot clean cushions. You could also machine wash these where possible.
  • Wipe walls
  • Wash any table lines
  • Dust any décor such as wall hangings or china
  • Wash windows and sills
  • Polish and shine any silverware
  • Sanitise high touchpoint areas like light switches and doorknobs

5.    Laundry room

  • Wash windows and sills
  • Clean washing machine and dryers inside out
  • Empty the lint trap and wash with soap and water to eliminate excess build-up. Be sure you air dry it thoroughly before putting it back.
  • As in the kitchen, empty any drawers and cabinets, and wash inside and out before organising and replacing the contents.
  • Sanitise high touchpoint areas like light switches and doorknobs
  • Sweep and mop or vacuum floors

6.    Office

  • Organise documents, file to suit your needs and recycle and shred anything you don’t need.
  • Wipe down and sanitise any laptops or computers and keyboards etc.
  • Empty desk drawers before you clean, organise and replace contents.
  • Dust and polish any woodwork and furniture
  • Sort bookshelves and donate or sell unwanted books
  • Sanitise high touchpoint areas like light switches and doorknobs

7.    Bathroom

  • Have a sort through old products and remove things you don’t use or need.

Bring wanted items to a drop-off site. These are often in different locations or shops, so it’s worth looking around.

Toiletries Amnesty has this comprehensive directory to help you find your nearest facility.

  • Clean any makeup brushes that you plan to keep
  • Wipe down mirrors and windows
  • Dust surfaces
  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Clean the bath/shower
  • Make your showerhead spotless using our DIY cleaning method
  • Air your shower curtain or replace the liner
  • Disinfect and clear drains and clean the sink
  • Wash and shine the taps
  • Wash windows and sills
  • Clean the toilet, both inside and out. For maximum cleanliness, remove the seat and scrub it.
  • Wash walls
  • Sanitise high touchpoint areas like light switches and doorknobs
  • Re-grout tile lines if needed

8.    Bedrooms

  • Take items out of drawers and off shelves and organise what you need.
  • Dust and vacuum floors and furniture
  • Empty drawers, dust, wash, organise contents and replace
  • Empty and clean the inside of the wardrobes
  • Donate any items of clothing or other things you don’t need
  • Push your bed to one side so that you can vacuum and clear any debris underneath
  • Hoover your mattress. For an extra tip, sprinkle some baking soda beforehand to make it extra fresh.
  • Wash bedding, pillows and duets and air the mattress
  • Wash windows, sills and mirrors
  • Wash walls
  • Dust blinds and curtain rods and vacuum curtains
  • Dust décor
  • Wash floors if needed
  • Dust lights and lampshades
  • Sanitise high touchpoint areas like light switches and doorknobs
  • For stubborn carpet stains, contact ServiceMaster Clean or spot clean with Spot Hero Cleaner

9.    Other

When looking outside the home, check out our compressive guide to cleaning and decluttering your garage here.

Other spring-cleaning tasks you may want to consider include:

  • Replacing lightbulbs and smoke alarm batteries
  • Cleaning air vents
  • Cleaning bags and purses and their contents
  • Sanitising keys, mobile phones or tablets

Need help with your spring cleaning?

If this seems like a lot to handle alone, we can lend you a hand.

Find your nearest Merry Maids business to schedule a one-off deep clean or regular domestic cleaning service today, or book online in select locations.