How to Spring Clean in a Flash.

Ah, winter’s just about gone (maybe), the days are getting longer, and the trees are getting greener… It’s now time to shift the stuffy, winter dust and to really freshen up all of the rooms in your home. However, not all of us can or want to spend a day scrubbing away so we’ve thought of a few ways you can spring clean in a flash.

  1. The top to bottom rule.

    Start a clean off by de-cob-webbing the celling corners, then work your way down towards the floor and vacuum last. It’ll pick up all the dust and dirt that fell off all your surfaces. Start at a particular point and clean in a clockwise direction as well so you don’t re-clean some areas.

  2. Tackle the windows when it’s cloudy.

    In the sun, window and glass cleaning solution will dry out and evaporate before it has time to work its magic and you’ll have to start over because it’s turned in to a streaky mess.

  3. Change your vacuum settings.

    Turn the brush roller on your vacuum cleaner off to clean hard floors, so that dirt and mud isn’t being scattered across the floor again.

  4. Work smarter, not harder.

    Don’t forget to clean or replace your cleaning products as and when needed – Wash cloths and dusters often and clean brushes in warm soapy water. Remember to empty to the vacuum too, an empty vacuum works wonders.

  5. Reel the kids in

    This may seem like a long shot… but we think little hands can still do a good job! With a bit of show and tell, you can give them a spray bottle and a cloth and they’ll be off like no one’s business. Just make sure they don’t spray the dog.

If you just really can’t face the idea of spring cleaning in a flash, you can always find your local Merry Maids team to help out.

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