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Merry Maids of Croydon & the menopause

How Debbie Walker from Merry Maids Croydon has been supporting her staff through a new menopause policy.

Successful Mums is a London-based organisation funded by mayor Sadiq Khan that provides support to working mums in the area. Recently, Merry Maids of Croydon has partnered with Successful Mums to develop staff policies and training after business owner Debbie Walker spotted an advert on a local notice board. Since then, Debbie has received support in business management, flexible working, and policy making.

Debbie knew that due to the nature of her staff, it was vital to draft a health policy specifically to support her staff working during menopause and perimenopause. So, with the support of both Successful Mums and Wirehouse Employer Services, Debbie has worked to take account of existing menopause policies already in law and offered a range of bespoke support to her staff. She says the goal when developing was to ensure that work undertaken by her staff is manageable and that any menopause symptoms are not worsened as a result of their work. She also wanted to continue to develop a culture of understanding and openness around menopause so that the women working for Merry Maids Croydon can ask for support and speak confidently about this issue without embarrassment, all whilst treating them with dignity and respect.

As the no-nonsense named “The Menopause Charity” highlights, “Your experience of menopause is unique to you, which is the main reason why there’s so much confusion about symptoms and treatment.” This means that providing adequate legislation and policy around it can be tricky. That’s why support from organisations like Successful Mums can be vital for businesses like Merry Maids Croydon in helping do right by their staff. As a result, of the varying experiences of menopause, the Croydon policy treats staff on a case-by-case basis whilst providing in a range of areas.

The new menopause policy provides

  • Flexible work arrangements such as adjustments to working hours
  • Hybrid working patterns
  • Adjustments to workplace procedures and processes
  • Prohibiting the need for extensive travel or manual handling
  • Facilities or areas for keeping cool
  • Fresh, cold water is available at all times
  • Providing desk fans if requested
  • Ability to take comfort breaks when needed
  • Ability to attend medical appointments in line with Company procedure
  • One-to-one support from managers
  • Deadline/task reminders from managers if requested which may include extended deadlines
  • Information and signposting to relevant organisations

Note: This list is not exhaustive

Treating workers with respect and dignity also means that this policy does not deny staff their agency, and all workers are still responsible for looking after their health and helping to further foster and maintain an open and caring work environment in which staff support themselves and one another.

Want more info?

Are you looking for more information about menopause at home and work? There are lots of brilliant resources that can help you learn more. Such as, but not limited to:

Looking for work?

If you’re interested in working as a domestic cleaner for Merry Maids Croydon, get in touch with Debbie and the team by calling 020 8663 3268 or emailing croydon@merrymaids.org.uk for more information.

If you’re outside of Croydon, you can find your nearest Merry Maids business to inquire about employment opportunities, or to book a free quote on a range of our bespoke and professional domestic cleaning services today.


Keeping positive

In these unprecedented times, you, like many others around the world may be feeling a little low in spirits. Things may seem a little gloomy but there are rays of positivity shining through.  

I’ve put together a little blog on some of the lovely things which I’ve seen in the last few days in the hope of sharing a little happiness.  

Rainbows Pictures Springing up in Windows 

The trend started online, following the closure of UK schools on Friday 20th March.  

With the view of “spreading hope” the rainbows also provide a lovely bit of positivity for when you are out and about during your daily exercise. If you’re out for a walk / run / cycle, see how many are around in your area.  

Balcony Singing, Italy

You’ve more than likely seen some of the balcony singing taking place throughout Italy recently.  

Here’s one of the best video’s I’ve seen of music bringing people together, boosting morale and staying positive.  

Fortunately for my neighbours, I won’t be recreating this anytime soon! 


Connecting More  

 Last week I downloaded the “House Party” app. It’s essentially a video call app with function for multiple participants. It’s less formal than other video calling platforms such as Microsoft Teams and really simple to use. My family all enjoyed a drink and a catch up together on Mother’s Day via the app with extended family from further away too. Something which we most likely wouldn’t have done without the social distancing measures in place. Somehow, I think we all feel the need to connect even more with people at the moment.  

Support for our NHS workers 

On Thursday 26th March, Lincoln Cathedral will glow blue as a mark of support to our amazing NHS workers: 

This will be followed by the Nationwide “Clap for our Carers” campaign at 8pmWhereby, people across the UK can clap from their gardens, front doors and balconies to show their support and give thanks to doctors, nurses, carers, GPs, pharmacists and other NHS staff, working tirelessly to help those affected by the coronavirus. 

Supermarkets are already showing their gratitude to NHS workers such as in this clip from Tesco in Swansea, where staff applauded and gave flowers during designated NHS staff shopping hour. 


And finally, a brilliant video of staff at Basildon NHS keeping themselves motivated in these challenging times…