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Merry Maids Bromley donating Easter eggs to Dandelion Time

Spreading Easter cheer and chocolate.

Over Easter, Richard Wall and his team at Merry Maids Bromley and Orpington partnered with Reed Employment to donate chocolate eggs to Dandelion Time.

Richard, who has previously engaged in other charity work, such as running the Cambridge Half Marathon to raise money for Dementia Friends, says he and his business are always looking for ways to help charities that do vital work, like Dandelion Time.

“We are always glad to support charities and help [wherever possible].”

Due to Richard’s first-hand experiences earlier in his career, supporting children’s mental health for him was a no-brainer.

Hence when Reed contacted him about Dandelion Time, Richard was more than happy to help.

Dandelion Time

Dandelion Time is a charity local to Richard’s area.

Their mission is to support children in Kent who have suffered traumatic experiences like neglect or domestic abuse.

According to Dandelion Time,

“Health, education and social care services face huge financial pressures and aren’t always the right solution for children with [mental health and trauma] issues: Dandelion Time fills this gap.”

Over the last 20 years, they have brought lasting change to over 1,000 families through their unique therapeutic approach focusing on the great outdoors.

At Dandelion Time, families take part in a ten-week programme.

During this time, they work with experts, nature, crafts and families to get the time and space they need to recover and be the children they deserve – without trauma and distress.

Donating Eggs

We all know that as much as the time off is much appreciated, the holidays are the best for children.

Especially when there’s plenty of chocolate to seek out and snack on.

That’s why, in partnership with Reed Employment, Richard and Merry Maids Bromley and Orpington donated Easter Eggs to Dandelion Time so the children in their care could share in the spirit and have some chocolate eggs this Easter.

A gesture which was gratefully received by the children and staff at Dandelion Time:

“Dandelion Time is committed to supporting Kent children and families who are in difficult circumstances and so are keen to brighten their day in any way we can.”

“The Easter donations of chocolate eggs were a lovely way to help them celebrate and we were all so grateful for the generous donations received from organisations such as Merry Maids, via Reed.”

– Dandelion Time Representative

Find out more

To find out more about Dandelion Time’s vital work please visit their website.

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Merry Maids Dudley are supporting Beacon Centre for the Blind

All about our partnership with Beacon Centre for the Blind.

At Merry Maids, we do more than clean houses. We love cleaning, but a big part of what makes our work special is the work we do within the communities we support. That’s why Merry Maids of Dudley has partnered with local charity Beacon Centre for the Blind to raise money and awareness for their cause.

Beacon Centre for the Blind is local to the territory covered by Tom Jackson and his team at Merry Maids Dudley and is well known to its residents – including the Merry Maids team, who have a history of cleaning for residents in the Dudley Beacon Centre apartments. But what is Beacon Centre for the Blind, what do they do, and how can you show your support for their cause?

About Beacon Centre for the Blind

The Beacon Centre prides itself on its long history of helping those living with sight loss. “From teaching blind people to read and write through braille in the 1800s to training in modern manufacturing techniques today, [The Beacon Centre helps] people in the Black Country and Staffordshire to live well with sight loss.”

It began in 1875 as the Wolverhampton Society for the Blind and has since evolved greatly. Since it started over 140 years ago, Beacon Centre for the Blind has expanded to own multiple spaces where blind people could live and work with spaces in Dudley and Sedgley, and in 1896 was one of the first charities in the UK to open a charity shop to support its funding. The Beacon Centre was opened in 1963, and later began a residential fund to build a residential home for local people who were living with sight loss. In March of 1973, Beacon House was opened, adding 15 bungalows for residents in 1976, and most recently has expanded with the opening of a new Beacon Centre in 2009.

How they help:

The charity offers its support to the blind and those living with sight loss, as well as members of the local community. From support at home to courses, activities, respite care, extra-care housing, and a telephone befriending and support service, the Beacon Centre offers a multitude of services to help support its residents and community. This goes hand in hand with providing community information, to aid and inform about how we can all play our part to support people living with sight loss.

Our partnership

Merry Maids Dudley has partnered with the Beacon Centre as part of its summer raffle, and we will be continuing to offer our support throughout the year. The raffle is run both online and through Beacon’s seven retail stores in Wolverhampton, Sedgley, Penkridge, Bloxwich, Cannock, Halesowen, and Bilston. The raffle is open to anyone over the age of 16 and is open until 12 pm on Sunday 4th of September. Tickets cost £1 per ticket and allow you one number each. The winning numbers will be drawn at random the following Thursday 8th of September. Entrants have a chance to win one of 10 prizes, including the top prize: a £100 voucher to use on internal domestic cleaning services from Merry Maids Dudley!

To purchase tickets online and see a full list of prizes, check out the raffle’s JustGiving page.

Terms and Conditions:

Tickets cost £1 for a ticket containing a single number. Entrants can buy multiple tickets for £1 each. For example, you can pay £20 to purchase 20 numbers. When entering online, please give your email to raffle@beaconvision.org so that your number/s can be sent to you. This email is NOT generated automatically, someone from Beacon will allocate and send a number or numbers to you manually. As a result, please allow two working days for the email containing your number/s to be sent to you. If, after this time, you have not received your number/s, please double-check your junk email. If you still have not received your number/s following this, please email raffle@beaconvision.org. Please note that you must provide all of your contact details to take part otherwise Beacon will not be able to send your number/s to you or your prize if you win. If you are one of the lucky winners, you will be contacted by email on or after Thursday 8th September 2022. The closing day for entries is Sunday 4th September 12:00 PM.

A Word document outlining the full list of terms and conditions can be downloaded here.

How else can you help?

The work that the Beacon Centre for the Blind does is vital. Their support helps people living with sight loss to do so more independently, build renewed confidence, and find new skills to improve their employment opportunities. Across the West Midlands, the number of people living with sight loss is forecast to grow by almost 30,000 in the next three years! In supporting the Beacon Centre, your donation or fundraising will go help support people with visual impairments to lead a better, more independent life with the support that they need. Advocacy starts with knowledge, and the Beacon Centre provides a whole host of information to help you learn more about different types of sight loss. There are also many other ways you can offer your support to Beacon Centre for the Blind. Whether it’s a donation, through the Wolves Lottery, corporate support, legacy giving, or volunteering, you can make a difference today.

Join us in helping out today, with the chance to win money from a professional and bespoke domestic cleaning service from Merry Maids Dudley.

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Written by Tom Page, Digital Content Writer

Running a business… literally!

Join us in supporting Merry Maids Bromley & Orpington owner Richard Wall in running the Cambridge Half-Marathon in aid of Dementia Friends this March.

In the spirit of hitting the ground running, the new owner of Merry Maids Bromley & Orpington, Richard Wall, is participating in the 13-mile Cambridge Half-Marathon to raise money for Dementia Friends on 6th March.

This comes following Richard’s recent participation in the 26-mile Brighton marathon, which, along with his regular training, has prepared Richard well. It has also tied into to his new business, as he has been able to incorporate his training into his commute to Merry Maids Bromley.


Richard running a business and running a mile in training for the half marathon!

Richard’s giving nature has gelled well with Merry Maids and his support-based approach to running his team is no better exemplified by his running in aid of supporting Dementia Friends.

About Dementia Friends

Dementia Friends will be receiving support from the ServiceMaster Brands UK family throughout 2022.

Dementia Friends is an initiative aiming to change the perception of dementia. Based around learning more about dementia, they strive to create a better quality of life for those living with the condition. Dementia Friends advocates the conversion of information to action to make a change. They do this by providing information about the reality of living with dementia on their website.

They then encourage turning this information into action by becoming a Dementia Friend. Part of what they do also involves partnering with brands, and in 2022, Merry Maids UK have become dementia friends.

We work closely with all of our clients and are always striving to make sure we can provide them with the best possible support. That’s why, up and down the country, our maid teams have been training to work sensitively and effectively with residents living with Alzheimer’s, and how best to aid them when carrying out our services in their homes. 

Alzheimer’s support is also close to Richard’s heart as his mum lived with dementia for 10 years before she passed away in 2019. Richard says he wants to do all he can to help support what Dementia Friends does to support those living with Alzheimer’s.

Show your support

Keep your eyes out for more of our fundraisers and events in aid of this good cause throughout the year. In learning more about the condition, we have also been able to convert information to action, as our services are dementia friendly.

You can also join us in sponsoring Richard in his effort to take action by donating to his JustGiving page today.

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