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Our staff are trained by Alzheimer’s society to provide professional and compassionate cleaning.

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Whatever your idea is of time well spent, we’re pretty sure it doesn’t include dusting, vacuuming or scrubbing floors. That’s our job.

Kind words indeed.

We have always found Merry Maids to be very clean and efficient. Their work is of a very high standard and to be recommended

Having used the Merry Maids service for over a year now I look forward to my fortnightly clean as much now as I did the first time. Friendly staff well organised and a pleasure to have in my home

I wanted a one off clean as I can not keep on top of things like I used to, I left the girls to it and upon my return, I was amazed. I was shocked that my house looked so different, it was beyond my expectations, I couldn’t have been more pleased and its changed my outlook on life. Needless to say I now have a regular montlhy clean. Thank you Merry Maids of Teesside

Having being a customer for nearly 10 years, I could not manage without the help and dedication of the Merry Maids Team. They have never let me down and I look forward to their visit every 2 weeks

We booked a one off clean for our return home from holiday, and will definitely be using Merry Maids again, the clean was spot on, sparkling, and the rooms smelt lovely

The Merry Maids girls have never let me down, they are always happy and clean my house to the standard that I would expect from a professional company. Long may it continue

I have just arranged for the Merry Maids to carry out fortnightly cleans, the first time I came home I had just done a 12 hour shift. What an amazing job the Maids had done, the entire house was sparkling, I thought I was in a hotel. I am so looking forward to my next visit and so relieved that I no longer have to worry about housework, as well as juggling a career and a family. Thank you Merry Maids

I have recently had a Deep Clean carried out on my house, I can honestly say that it was amazing. I was so happy. Merry Maids will be in my speed dial for future cleans, and my family and friends will be hearing all about the wonderful, job that was carried out. I would not hesitate in recommending Merry Maids Teesside to anyone who requires a professional, reliable, trust worthy cleaning company

I have a Deep Clean carried out twice yearly and wanted to thank the Merry Maids Team who attended today. I left the girls to it and arrived home to a sparkling clean fresh home. I am already looking forward to my next visit

I have been using the Merry Maids of Teesside for only 3 months now and have a 2 weekly clean carried out, I would like to say that they have made my life so much easier and I could not be without them. Each member of the team that has attended makes me feel at ease. They take so much pride in their work and clean to a super standard. Thanks ladies

I was so pleased when I returned home from work to find my home cleaned to a superb standard and smelling lovely. This was the 1st clean that was originally meant to be every month, but I’m so pleased I have changed to fortnightly already, and can’t wait for my next visit. Thanks Merry Maids

I’m so happy with the cleaning. I came home today and felt like I was in a new house. Big thanks to you and the girls.

My husband has rang me to say how lovely & clean our flat is. Thank you so much, please pass on our thanks to the girls. We look forward to seeing you in 2 weeks’ time.

I had been getting myself all worked up and stressed, my son was getting married and we are having lots of visitors, some of which we have never met before. The house needed attention and I just didn’t know where to start. Thanks to the Merry Maids ladies from Teesside and the one off clean they provided, I can now look forward to my sons wedding and show my house off with pride.

My house and its mess was causing me anxiety & stress, the more stressed I was the less I wanted to do and the worse the house was getting. Finaly after agreeing to a bi-weekly clean, and experiencing that clean now for 2 months, I feel less stressed and more inclined to tidy up. Im much happier and so is my house! I really look forward to the team coming – thanks very much.

Thank you and your team for all the help this year. You have been so helpful to me since I joined the Merry Maids ‘Club’ in September. The girls have all been lovely and I hope they know I appreciate their hard work & gentleness. The girls friendly and professionalism help have helped me cope with life and the loss of my dear parents. I wish you all peace & joy. Thank you again.

Our elderly father couldn’t keep up with the housework and it was getting him down – so we organised for Merry Maids of Teesside, to do a deep clean and it has transformed a sad looking house into a home again. It has lifted everyone’s spirits and put a spring back in his step and a grin on his face. The girls were kind and friendly and worked so hard. It will be a pleasure to see them every two weeks to put the sparkle back. Thank you!

No problems, always pleased with the results, I like the smell of freshness when they’ve finished.

I have been a customer of Merry maids for many years now and even though we have had a change of management the quality is still as good. Clearly the training programme you have works well!

Nothing else I can say, great job, what more can I ask?

Extremely good workers – it’s always a pleasure to see these helpful girls.

The ladies are a blessing to me. They ALL do such an excellent job which means  I happily do nothing in between their visits. Thank you – a wish come true.

All the girls work hard, don’t waste time chatting to each other and all are very helpful.

All the girls are lovely. They work extremely hard & I could not be without them. Great to see the Dementia Friends Logo, Let’s hope that other organisations copy your lead. Thanks again . Xx

You have a very pleasant, friendly group of girls whom I find it very comfortable to leave in my home. The standards are always excellent.

I enjoy welcoming your staff as they come. The punctual timing of arrival every fortnight on the same day, at 9.15am suits me well and I enjoy a bit of conversation with them, but I try not to waste their time. My home is always clean and fresh after a Merry Maids visit.

After my fist clean, I felt ashamed at myself, it was brilliant, like a new house. I felt happy again. I know that I won’t be without you again. I am living the life of riley thanks to your girls!

A huge thank you for a brilliant job of cleaning our house.  It was a joy to come home to. Everything is lovely and smells so good.  Please pass on my thanks to the three ladies who did terrific work.  I am so pleased I chose you.

A huge thank you for a brilliant job of cleaning our house. It was a joy to come home to. Everything is lovely and smells so good. Please pass on my thanks to the three ladies who did terrific work. I am so pleased I chose you.

I would like to express a big thank you to the merry maids team who cleaned my flat on Tuesday, I really can’t believe the difference, my biggest disappointment is that I didn’t start using your company a very long time ago. The girls are so kind caring & conscientious I’m already looking forward to my next clean. Thanks again. You will definitely be getting my recommendation.

I got MerryMaids in after my son recommended them to me, I was very dubious and believed that my house didn’t need a good clean because I was ‘on top’ of it myself. I met 2 of the girls at my sons house and asked if I could have them, as they were lovely ladies, and my sons house was so gleaming & fresh, however when i booked my 1st clean those same two were not available, but to my relief the two ladies that cleaned were just as lovely and extremely hard working. I’m very disappointed that my house was not as clean as I thought, and I was most definitely not ‘on top’ of things, but its sparkling now & I have no doubt that it will continue to be like this, I don’t mind which team of ladies come, I am so happy. Thank you very much Merry Maids.

Your maids really deserve a big thank you for their splendid work, they have made a significant difference to my lifestyle.

Thank you very much for the really thorough clean your staff gave our house. At last I feel we may start to get ahead of things instead of being dragged along. I loved the way your ladies worked together and were so kind to us. It really has been one of the most pleasurable experiences we have recently had in the last 3 months, people who do an excellent job without hassle and fuss but are also so nice to be with!

To the Merry Maids, – Thank you Joanne & Paul, for your excellent service.  The two lovely ladies who came to clean our home yesterday have done a thorough and superb job!  We are so pleased with the results. We will be seeing you again.

Hi – I’ve just got home ! Amazing Job! Attention to detail is excellent. I’m very happy. Even my 4 year old twins noticed. I’m so pleased I decided to use your services and we are sooo looking forward to my next clean in a fortnight

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I have just got home after a long day at work to my first clean off your company and wanted to let you know that I’m extremely happy and initially thought that I had entered the wrong flat. It looks like it did when I first moved in. ‘A show home’. Thank you and see you again in 4 weeks.

Hi Jo, Paul and your team. I’m over at the property now and all I can say is WOW!!!! How on earth did the girls get it so clean and smelling nice, absolutely well worth the money. They have done a fantastic job and are a credit to your service. I didn’t think that the property would ever look the same again following the vacation of the tenants, but again WOW! Thank you again.

thank you for being so wonderful you would make my day after a clean and I was so happy

I have used this service for 6 months the girls are an absalout pleasure, they are professional friendly and the work is spot on and high end

Thanks again for all your help during the last year, the girls (as always) do a cracking job and this is backed up by the number of people who remark how bright my home is.

“I’ve used Merry Maids Teesside for over 10 years. All of the team are helpful, friendly, and flexible. Friends often mention how clean my house is. I particularly like the “deep clean” whereby a different room is thoroughly cleaned each visit”

Thank you so much for the spectacular job your team did on my flat! It’s absolutely pristine throughout – and how they managed to make the en suite shower looking like new again is nothing short of a miracle!

I am looking forward to my 4 weekly service.

Once again, my sincere thanks for an absolutely brilliant service – please pass on my personal thanks to the team members involved.

Choosing Merry Maids for my regular house cleans was a weight off my shoulders. There is nothing better after a 12 hour shift than to come home and find everything spotless. Merry Maids were always very thorough and professional. To anyone with a busy job who wants peace of mind, I would unreservedly recommend Merry Maids.

We could not be more pleased with the service supplied by the Merry Maids, they are reliable, efficient, helpful and thorough, nothing is too much trouble, and we would not hesitate to recommend Merry Maids to anyone.

We used Merry Maids for a few years and were always happy but stopped March last year when Covid 19 forced our 1st lockdown. Our son then took over the cleaning services for us and we were sufficiently happy, until his other work commitments became too much.  We have had the Merry Maids back today to do a Deep Clean followed by a 4 weekly service, all I can say is that you can not recognise the place, I feel like I am in a different home. What a fantastic service, I hadn’t realised how much I needed them back.  The girls are all kind, friendly, caring and take so much pride in their work.  I feel so much better knowing that my regular service is back up and running. Thank you.

Merry Maids can give you the time to do that.

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We are the expert providers of high-quality, personalised home cleaning services in the UK. At Merry Maids no previous experience is required to join our teams, and we work around you. We understand people have busy lives, so we work hard to ensure the work culture provides a working environment that is flexible, supportive, and nurturing.

At Merry Maids, there’s much opportunity available for those willing to roll up their sleeves. Our cleaners go above and beyond to provide personable services and work closely with our customers to care for their homes. Our staff cleans and leads with the heart.  We’re not providing just a job but the possibility of a career. There are always opportunities to use your passion and skill to grow within the business. We’re continuously expanding, if joining an evolving, welcoming and supportive operation piques your interest, we want you!

  • You’re local to the area that we service.
  • You’re reliable and great at timekeeping.
  • You’re approachable with a friendly personality.
  • You’re passionate about customer service.
  • You’re have a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  • You’re can work in a team.
  • Flexible working hours. Choose days between Monday – Friday. 1 – 5 days available.
  • Fair and competitive hourly rate.
  • No evenings or weekends.
  • Paid car allowance, travel time and mileage.
  • Training paid.
  • Free uniform.
  • Career progression
  • A culture which is welcoming, friendly, supportive, and inclusive.
  • Appreciation and recognition. Celebrating achievements of individuals and teams.

At Merry Maids, previous cleaning experience isn’t necessary. Upon joining us, you will undertake full training, enabling you to clean to our standards and use our bespoke products. All equipment required will be provided for you.

We are here to support you every step of the way, ensure you are trained and enjoy working with us. Working at Merry Maids is not just a job but a career. Whatever aspect of the business you enjoy, we will train and help you to develop your dream role. Anything is possible at Merry Maids.

“This job is fantastic for me. It’s only during school hours, so I can drop off and pick up my kids. It’s easy to track your jobs because they use an app on the phone. We cover a big area, but the app gives directions, and the worksheet always details the job to be done. Products are great to use. Managers are friendly and supportive, always on hand to listen. The team ethos is wonderful and so supportive. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else!”

“I’ve worked at Merry Maids for seven months and I’m very pleased with my time here. Great team and helpful bosses! You can always share any question with a colleague or manager; they are very friendly.”

“It is very nice working with different people and working in varying houses. The customers are really friendly, and everyone made me feel welcome. I would recommend anyone to work here.”

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