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Top 8 Things You Usually Forget To Clean At Home

Top 8 Things You Usually Forget To Clean At Home

When you have completed your daily/weekly clean do you sit back and admire your work? Or is that just me? I am betting there are a few things around the home that you have forgotten to clean! Naughty, naughty! No, only kidding, we all do it trust me!

Here are the top 8 things at home that you forget:

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Wash your washing machine

You may think you don’t need to clean your washing machine because it is constantly on and cleaning your laundry. Well, that is far from the truth to be honest, as washing machines get surprisingly dirty.

  • The easiest way to start a good clean is to put your washing machine on the highest temperature setting you can and pour a cup of white vinegar into the machine. The vinegar is added to assist in sanitising the drum
  • Once the cycle has finished, keep the machine door open for a while to allow it to air dry
  • Get yourself a damp cleaning cloth or sponge and get right into the rubber seals, as these are the main culprits for mould and other horrid stuff to accumulate
  • Then make yourself a cup of tea and relax before going onto your next job on the list

Don’t let the bed bugs bite

How often do you wash your bed covers?

It should be every week! So, if you have had your sheets on for more than a week, then get them in your perfectly clean washing machine right now!

You don’t need a step by step guide on how to clean your sheets because it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy (ooooo don’t get me started on lemons, I’ll leave them for another post)!

Shower away your sins

There is nothing better than a nice hot (or lukewarm for some people) shower at the end of the day. I bet you all just jump out, dry yourself and get on with your night straight away.

Cleaning your shower door or curtain can save a lot of time when you’re doing a deep clean of your house. One of the best things to do is keep a cleaning cloth in the bathroom and just wipe down the shower door every time you finish in the shower. This will help reduce water stains and limescale build up on the door.

With a shower curtain, all you need to do is put the curtain over the bath and swipe your hands from the top to the bottom, getting rid of as much of the excess water as possible. This will again help with reducing water stains on the curtain. Every so often with both, make sure you give them a good clean with hot soapy water.

The dirty extractor fan

The dreaded extractor fan! One of the most annoying things to clean in your house, but one that you 100% want to keep clean, because of it being near the food you cook.

Cleaning your extractor fan properly can be a long and tiring job. However, if you do a big clean every couple of weeks, by taking out the top trays and giving them a good clean, wipe the rest of the extractor fan with a damp cloth, the long tantalising job turns into an easy little job, by just giving a quick wipe every week.

Clean your gym equipment

Yes, some people have gym equipment at home, aren’t they the lucky ones! They are not so lucky on the other hand in that they need to keep them clean! Just think how sweaty you get and the number of skin cells that drop onto your equipment handles and mats etc.

To easily clean your equipment, just do the following:

  • Turn off all electronic equipment, like your treadmill
  • Spray your equipment with disinfectant spray and use a cleaning cloth to wipe them down
  • Wipe your yoga mats with hot and soapy water, then hang them to dry over the bath or a hang over a radiator that is turned off

Let there be light

You have got to clean your light fittings! Lights are amongst the main things that we neglect when it comes to cleaning. All you need to do is grab a duster and wipe the fittings, make sure the light is off, cool from not being turned on for a while and give the bulb a good wipe also. It’s as easy as pie!

Clean your fridge and freezer

Having a clean fridge and freezer is of the utmost importance because obviously, you keep all of your food you’re going to eat and give to other people in these big cold boxes. Harmful bacteria can build up over time and cleaning both regularly will keep them at bay. Make sure you take out the drawers in your fridge and freezer and clean them with hot soapy water, but ensure they have cooled down before putting them back in.

Every so often your freezer will need to be defrosted, so while the drawers are cooling down, leave the freezer door open and leave a towel on the floor to collect the water.

Give your electronic devices a fresh look

Nowadays we spend a lot of time on our phones and tablets, but how often do you clean them?

Even if it’s just a wipe with a microfibre cloth every so often to get rid of the greasy fingerprints all over the device, this will help keep germs off your phone. A quick tip is to get yourselves some glasses cleaner or something similar, spray some onto the cloth and wipe your device from top to bottom, always make sure your device is switched off before doing this.

Hire some help

Now I bet you’re sitting there thinking you haven’t got time to do all of this! Give your local Merry Maids business a call today for a quote and a spotless clean of your home sweet home! While we are cleaning your house, you can go out or just relax and enjoy another cup of tea!

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